El Castro de Valtuille MENCIA JOVEN

Vintage: 2022.

Grape variety: 85% mencia, 8% alicante Bouschet, 7% white grapes and others varieties.

Soils: Mix of clay soils, clayey with stone, sandy and rich in organic matter.

Age of vineyards: Vineyards over 85 years old.

Planting density: 4.000-5.000 plants per hectare.

Production density: 5.000 kilograms per hectare.

Climate: Continental and atlantic.

Anual production: 140.000 botellas.

Alcohol content: 13%.

Wine description:

El Castro de Valtuille _ Mencía Joven represent a wine from El Bierzo, made mostly from Valtuille de Abajo grapes, from old vineyards, with a mixture of grapes from all the places in the town.

The berciano minifundio means that in this wine there is a mixture of around 352 mini plots, located in 17 different places.

Characteristics of the vintage:

A dry autumn and winter with above-average temperatures gave away to a spring that began with unstable weather and a delay in the budding of the vines.

May began with sunny weather, no rainfall and pleasant temperatures, which rose steadily. The cold returned at the beginning of June, but it did not take long for the heat to return.

Summer arrived with overwhelming heat and endless drought.

Average night-time temperatures were over 25ºC. Despite this, the wines are not hot and the alcohol content is not very high. We started the harvest on the 26 th of August.


We collect the grapes manually for around 25 days. When we reach the winery, after destemming, we take it by gravity to stainless steel tanks of between 10.000 and 15.000 liters.

The fermentation takes place only using native yeasts.
The process lasts about 25 days, in which we control the temperature so that it oscillates between 22 and 24º C.

During the fermentation the wine is pumped over once a day for about 10 minutes.

We devat 7 days after completing the fermentation. We press the wine and let it rest for the malolactic fermentation. At the end of the process, we decant the wine and after one month we carry out the annual mixing.

After mixing, the wine spends 3 months in 5.000 liters wood fudres until bottled.